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Exposition ‘Las costuras del lienzo’ by Reyes Calleja Fresno in Gijón

The artist says: “With this collection, I try to praise the artistic value of the clothes that are still a canvas full of artistic seams made with great wisdom and effort. Every day everyone consumes tons of clothes at a very low price using it and discarding it, however, the painting aims to be something that lasts for centuries and to be sold at astronomical prices and few people dress their homes with original works. This collection is not intended to be marketed, it is created with time and freedom, trying to offer a new proposal that can also reach us through the senses of touch and smell, since the work is impregnated with honeysuckle aroma.”


20 Mar 2020


08:30 PM

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La Revoltosa
La Revoltosa, Calle Juan Alonso, 12, 33202 Gijón, Asturias
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