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In February or March Gijon celebrates “Antroxu” or carnival.

It is one of the most traditional fiestas of Asturias and different from other carnivals.
A whole week, the city is transformed into a street party full of colour, noise, bass drums, whistles and fancy dresses.
This traditional celebration combines a wide array of entertainment and gastronomy: street band contests, parades, street concerts and gastronomic competitions.


Monday 12 of February
19.00h: Desfile D’Antroxu Charangues y Carroces – A parade where all districts of the city drive their decorated car throughout whole Gijon.
Location: Gijon

Tuesday 13 of February
17.00h: Velatoriu la Sardina cola cia. Escenapache – Every “Antroxu”, a different sardine is the mascot. At the end of the week they organize a “comical” funeral for it.
Location: Paseo de Begona


08 Feb 2018 - 13 Feb 2018

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Paseo de Begoña
Paseo Begoña, Gijón, España
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