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Cicero wisely pointed out that “If you have a garden near the library, you will not miss anything”. And we add the cheerful cyclists “With a bicycle you will always have a garden near the library”.

This first bike ride of 2018 is celebrated in the “Day of the Bibliobus” and we want to dedicate it to all the people and entities that manage mobile libraries with pedals to bring books and the love of reading to distant places or social groups that can not access a stable library service

Plan of the stay:
1. Reencounter of cheerful cyclists in the new year 2018
2. Pedaling and toast for the 5th year of # 30diasenbici.
3. Talk about how the organization is doing for this special year,
4. Proposals, ideas, comments and cheers.



28 Jan 2018


11:30 AM - 06:00 PM

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