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Yamaralazv is a musical production project born from the meeting of two restless minds full of creativity.
Jaime Tellado Alvarez is the man behind SKYGAZE, an individual project already consecrated and with a global projection without limits.

With two edited lps and several references and remixes has entered the Spanish music scene to stay.
Sound structures full of soul, landscapes that draw a warm environment and deep rhythms that make you dance or think, that will depend on your mood.
On the other hand, if you live in Asturias or simply, if you are not a zombie, you will have already heard about Helios Amor del Campo, our particular DaVinci, the same way you win a beach volleyball game that sings a fado or gives you a session vinilera to remember. Eclecticism in its purest form, guaranteed fun.

On the tables, keyboards, synths, computers, a micro and on the menu, jazz, bossa, electronic hip hop, beats and passion, a lot of passion.

And then, we could not start all over and down the level, so why not have the best? Therefore, who better to accompany Yamaralazu than two friends who are also heads of a whole generation of artists from the booth.
DjEnrique, alma mater of Promodiscopy and Manglés, one of the few with capacity to surprise and the versatility necessary to direct your hips in the right direction.

The package is prepared and ready for delivery in a charming and friendly place, the Café Musaeum Gijón ..

There is still more, welcome cocktail, snacks, gifts and YOU, because without you, this would make sense.

Safari Disco is back !!!


16 Dec 2017


10:30 PM - 06:00 PM
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