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Discover Asturias in Spain

Asturias is a region located on the Cantabrian coast, in northern Spain. This place, located between the sea and the mountains, is known as “natural paradise” because of its spectacular landscapes. The powerful contrast of green and blue tones stimulates all the senses of everyone who visits it. Due to its privileged natural environment, formed by valleys, lakes, beaches, rivers, mountain ranges, the 40% of its territory has been recognized as a protected natural space. This percentage is the highest in the entire European continent. The Asturian Coast is, also, one of the best preserved in the whole of Spain. Definitely, if you are looking for pure nature, Asturias is a place for you.

The region of Asturias, in Spain, has a population of 1.028.000 millions. Asturias is bordered by Galicia, Cantabria, León and the Cantabrian Sea. The most important cities of the region are the communal capital, Oviedo (Uviéu), the seaport and largest city Gijón (Xixón), and the industrial town of Avilés. Other significant towns in the region are LLanes, Mieres, Grado, Pola de Siero, Cangas de Onís, Cangas de Narcea, Lastres, Arriondas, Cudillero, Luarca or Ribadesella, among others.

Reasons why you need to visit the region of Asturias, in Spain

1 ) You’ll love Picos de Europa: The Picos de Europa is possibly one place you can’t miss. Stretching for hundreds of miles, it’s one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Asturias. Make sure you visit Lakes of Covadonga, see some of the gorgeous little villages like Bulnes and explore its beauty.


2) You will enjoy its gastronomy: After a tight day of exploration, the towns and cities of Asturias are cozy places where you can try tasty local products in restaurants or enjoy drinking a bottle of cider in charming bars. Its privileged geographic situation allows Asturias to have high quality fresh raw materials (meat, fish, vegetables) and that is why its traditional cuisine stands out as one of the best in the whole country. The most famous asturian dishes are fabada and cahopo. In the gastronomic field, Asturias also stands out for its cheeses. Cheeses of different types are produced in the region and have achieved great recognition at European level. Some of the best known are Cabrales, Gamoneu, La Peral, Pria, Los Beyos, Afuega’l Pitu. If you are a cheese lover, you will enjoy discovering its unique flavors and history.

3 ) You’ll learn how to pour cider: Asturian cider is the only cider in the world that is poured. The sensation of pouring cider is a unique experience, which is experienced in a special way in the region of Asturias, in Spain, because it is the only cider making region in which this playful-gastronomic ‘ritual’ is carried out.


4 ) A place to relax: If you want to live or spend your holidays in a destination that runs away from haste and mass tourism, Asturias, in Spain, is your place. In Asturias life works at another rate. Disconnect, discover the calm and enjoy one of the places with the highest quality of life in all of Europe.

Cuesta del Cholo, Asturias Spain

5 ) You will be surprised by its architecture: Asturias will surprise you with its varied architectural heritage. From industrial heritage to Indian mansions, through modernist buildings, mining heritage or prerromanic constructions. In addition, Asturias has world-leading architecture buildings, such as the Niemeyer Center designed by Oscar Niemeyer or the Oviedo Congress Center, designed by Santiago Calatrava.

6 ) Surfing in Asturias: The waves of Asturias has long been regarded as one of the best waves in all of Europe. The natural geography forms fast, hollow waves that some surfers have called the finest in the world. If you’re not up to the challenge, watch the spectacle from the town’s harbour walls. Asturias also celebrates several surfing and longboard festivals (Salinas and Tapia) of great international recognition.

7 ) Respect for tradition: If you visit the region of Asturias, in Spain, you will appreciate how its population has respected the tradition and folklore of the place, integrating it perfectly with modern life. You will be able to enjoy watching regional dance shows, visiting the typical “hórreos” or attending traditional village festivals, among others activities.


8 ) Plenty of cultural festivals: It doesn’t matter what style of music you like, or if you prefer theater or cinema. Despite its small size, Asturias has a huge cultural offer throughout the year, which increases even more in the summer period. Metropoli, Aquasella, Gijon Sound Fest, Gijón Motoweekend, Tsunami Fest, Gijon International Film Festival, Fetén, Aviles Acción or ARCO Film Week are just a few examples.

Tsunami XIxon, a festival in Asturias, Spain

9 ) You will discover a paradise for sports. Due to its proximity to the sea and the mountains, the region of ASturias, in Spain, presents optimal resources for outdoor sports. Whether you like to climb, ski, surf or run, Asturias will become your favorite training center. In addition, if you are a cycling fan, you can ascend ports that star in La Vuelta a España every year, such as Angliru, La Cubilla or El Gamoniteiru.

Angliru, cycling destination in Asturias, Spain

10 ) Enjoy a sunset on one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Spain. San Lorenzo beach is one of the best urban beaches in Spain. It is a natural beach with fine sand and good water, although with some stones, and it varies greatly in size according to the tides, becoming huge at noon and practically disappearing in the evening. Ideal for walking along both the beach and the promenade.

Urban beach in Asturias, Spain

Can you think of more reasons to visit the region of Asturias in Spain? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment with your suggestions, recommendations and impressions about the macic region of Asturias.

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