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Electric scooters, this vehicle that you didn’t know existed and that could get you out of a tight spot

Currently, citizens are not recommended to make numerous trips, because due to the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the world, the danger of increasing infections and collapsing hospitals is more real than ever.
For this reason, it never hurts to have some alternatives that allow people to move, in a totally safe way and not stand up to be in contact with anyone who is not within the family bubble. One of these options is precisely the four-wheel electric scooter, a vehicle that offers four tilting wheels and that allows you to obtain the same driving sensations as a motorcycle. However, it also has a similar stability to that of cars, so it can be much easier to drive than any other form of transport of the style. This scooter produces a total of zero emissions as it is composed of a 45kW engine, which is equivalent to 60 hp of power. To load said vehicle, it is best to find out the best rates by clicking here.

Its autonomy is about 150 kilometers with each recharge carried out, requiring a total of about 7.5 hours to be at 100%. Said charging must be carried out in a conventional outlet that can turn between 220V, which is very convenient and allows it to be used very frequently. It also has a braking system that also helps to recharge the battery a little when driving, which is also a great advantage for users.

This type of Scooter also offers the possibility of choosing different driving styles that adapt to the consumer’s taste. They are available both the sports, in case of using it to perform activities that require physical energy, and also the ecological, quite respectful with the environment. The rest of the models are customizable and can be adapted to any situation and circumstance that may arise. It can be reversed when carrying out maneuvers when the vehicle is stopped, and it also has a multifunction screen to carry out the different procedures that correspond in each case. In addition, this device also consists of a hydropneumatic suspension system with E-HTS electronic control, which allows simultaneously leaning on its four wheels and a much better entry into the curve is obtained, providing much more stability and safety. This inclination can also be voluntarily blocked in the event of traffic, although one foot must be placed on the ground as is the case with motorcycles. However, this is a very comfortable stopping or even parking / parking method in many circumstances, such as a rainy day.

The simple handling of these vehicles, in addition to the large number of advantages they present, have led many users to decide to buy and use them for their trips. They are also an ideal alternative for people with disabilities, since this vehicle reaches good speeds within the established safety limits so that no user can take risks when driving them. In addition, since they are electric, not only is the fact that they can be recharged like any other current device is an advantage, but they also contribute to the conservation of the well-being of the environment and nature. Not forgetting that they also help citizens to move from one place to another avoiding the crowds in public transport, and therefore, the possibilities of contagion to other people. And that is, without a doubt, the greatest of all the advantages it can offer given the situation.

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