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                                                              Asturias. A chill paradise.

I was born in Cagliari (IT), Sardinian capital of immense beauty. Like Gijon, Cagliari is a small town but full of adventures. During these years I was lucky enough to be able to live in two beautiful cities that changed my life: London and Turin. Two great metropolises that in their own way have blunted what I am and what I wanted to become.

April 2019

The degree, after so many sacrifices, has arrived. And with it another wonderful news: I was taken for an Erasmus + in Gijon in Spain. I couldn’t be happier. Have the opportunity to spend the summer in Spain and work for a communication agency, putting into practice what I had learned in theory during the three-year in Uni. Breathtaking. I had never heard of the city of Gijòn or the region of Asturias before. I went to search and understand where I was going. The first time I saw a photo of Gijòn I immeadly said: “it is Cagliari in a Spanish way”. And it’s the truth.

June 2019

After a crazy journey, I finally arrive in Asturias. The city of Gijòn is a small center with everything you need: sea, mountains and relax. Because this is the mood of Asturias. JUST CHILL. From the cities to the small towns you can breathe a relaxed air. In the streets there is no hurry to go anywhere. You have time. This quiet is interrupted when the holiday and festival season begins.

“Michele tomorrow we will work for the Motoweekend and we want your help to make videos and photos”.

From the university library to a festival with national and international artists? What else?

And it’s only the beginning of the summer.

July 2019

Articles. Interviews. Videos. I delight and try new challenges every day. But the weekend arrives early and here in Asturias it’s only for parties. Semana Nera, Semana Grande and various festivals have illuminated and filled the city of Gijòn. But the weekend is also made for traveling and discovering. Visiting the Asturian region you realize how different it is from the south. Surrounded by the blue of the sea, the green of the hills and the white of the mountains, this region is certainly a MUST SEE on your next list of places to visit.

Where can you find the sea one hour from the mountain? Asturias.

August 2019

From Mieres, city of mines and graffiti, to Aviles. It was a summer of discovery. Discovery of a spectacular region that has so much to offer and to discover. Discovering new parts of me with an amazing experience that is now part of my personal suitcase.

But now it’s time to close the suitcase and return to reality, leaving the Asturian paradise to find new adventures.

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