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Flats in Asturias

When you move to Asturias, one of the first things you will need to do is to source some accommodation. Searching for an apartment is always a daunting task, but searching for one in a foreign country adds an additional element of uncertainty. Renting a property in Asturias is a good way to get to know the region and to decide which area you would like to live in.

Finding a good apartment at the right price in Asturias is not very difficult. However, most likely you will have to arrange a view, as landlords prefer to meet tenants before signing a contract. We recommend you to get a temporary stay for 1 or 2 weeks (hotels, hostels, AirBnb…).

The cost of renting a flat in Asturias is quite cheap. A 2/3 bed flat costs between €400 and €1,500 – a 1 bed flat between €300 and €800 per month. Taxes are usually included in the property bills, but utility bills are not. Nor any bill linked to your individual consumption.

To rent a whole apartment you need to look for “piso en alquiler” or “casa en alquiler” (“apartment / house for rent”). Here are the most popular websites with offers of flats to rent:

There are also some Facebook groups where you cand find several flats to rent:

If you’re having trouble finding suitable accommodation or do not have a great deal of time to look, you can try to use estate agents (agencias inmobiliarias). There are agencias inmobiliarias in every neighbourhood. Estate agents are usually paid by the landlord. However, if you ask an agent to find you a property, you can expect to pay for this service, either a fixed fee or a percentage of the monthly rent. That is normal here although you can negotiate. The estate agents are pretty trustworthy 😉

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may be interested in renting a room on a sharing flat. Then, you will need to look for “compartir piso” (“share appartment”). Here are the most popular websites with offers of rooms to rent:

Bear in mind that if you are trying to rent a flat or a room in Asturias, probably you will be asked to provide:

  1. Evidence of employment or ability to pay the rent;
  2. tax identification number (if you are working);
  3. passport and NIE;
  4. personal references.

Do not forget to read and sign a contract. This is the only way to legally guarantee your right to your deposit or agreed upon utility fees. The minimum rental contract length in Spain is 6 months. Typically, a contract will be for 12 months, renewed annually, and if you give notice to quit during this period, you will have to pay rent until the end of the contract.

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