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Spanish lessons in Asturias

When you’re moving to Spain, some basic understanding of Spanish might come in handy. And if you really want to integrate in the society, you will need a decent level of the language. There are plenty of options to learn, going from classes organized by the local governments or the Red Cross to courses in language institutes. And depending on what your level is and how fast you want to improve you will choose something else. Ironically, the information about many courses is already offered in Spanish. To help you find your way in your quest to improve your Spanish, we made the following list.

Public lessons

Cruz Roja

The only free option is Spanish lessons offered by the red cross of Gijón and Oviedo. Unfortunately it’s also the most chaotic option. There’s no information online, you have to register in their offices.

The office of Gijón is in Calle de les Cigarreres, 38. The office of Oviedo is in Calle Martínez Vigil, 36.

Classes only start when a viable number of people (around 10) is found. But mostly within a month, this number is reached.

First you have to take a test which indicates your level. The classes take place 1 or 2 times a week on fixed days and last 1,5 hour per session. It’s not possible to know in advance which days it will be. The Red Cross will comunicate the dates when a group is formed.

Universidad de Oviedo

La Casa de las Lenguas of the University of Oviedo is responsible for the Spanish courses.

Two courses are organised throughout the year: one from October to December and another from January to May.

  • Autumn Spanish for Beginners Course (October-December): 110 hours (745 euro)
  • Spring Spanish for Beginners Course (January-May): 180 hours (1140 euro)
    • Monthly assessment tests
    • Classes from Monday to Friday, 2 hours per day

The Casa de las Lenguas also hosts summer courses. The courses include 20 hours of classes per week complemented by a wide-ranging programme of cultural activities and excursions to places of historical interest in Asturias, León and Cantabria.

Universidad Popular Gijón

The city of Gijón offers through its Universidad Popular several courses. One of these is Spanish, for beginners, medium and advanced speakers. There are two series every year, one from February to April and one from October on.

The courses are 30 hours in total, from 9:30 to 11: 30 every week on Tuesday and Thursday, and cost 30 euro.

The registration starts about one month before the classes commence. It’s best to register early, since classes can get fully booked easily.

More information about the course on their website.
Although it’s often easier to mail to, because everything is in Spanish.

Universidad Popular Oviedo

The same applies for the Universidad Popular de Oviedo. Their classes start in October and only cost 44,33 euro. Registering and searching can be done via the website.

ACCEM Asturias

If you have very few time, it’s also possible to follow online courses. You can register for the classes of ACCEM, these last a few months, via this site. In principle is ACCEM focused on migrants and refugees, but others can also access their information.

Centro de educación de personas adultas de Gijón

In the adult education of Gijón, you find very open Spanish courses. They’re focussed on people who need Spanish for their daily life in Gijón. The lessons are free and are all for beginners.

There exist three different schedules:
Tuesday and Wednesday: 10:30-12:30
Thursday and Friday: 16:00-18:00
Monday and Wednesday: 19:00-21:00

To enroll in the course, just turn up on one of the classes and bring a photo and a copy of your passport. These are being held at Calle de Jove y Hevia, 5. You can enter and exit whenever you want. The classes last until the summer.

Centro de educación de personas adultas en Oviedo

The center for adult education in Oviedo “El Fontan” also organises Spanish courses for people who moved to Asturias. Their classes are for beginners and medium-speakers, and are totally free. One serie of the course lasts about four months, one starts in February and one in October. If you have missed the start, no problem, you can still join if there are spots left. The course exists out of two weekly classes of 2 hours each. You can take the morning sessions or the evening sessions.

More information can be found on their website, or by mailing to

To register, simply go to their office (which is located at Calle Fontán 4 in Oviedo) with your passport and a copy of it. They’re open every weekday between 9 and 14 h.

Private lessons

There’s a long list of private language schools in Asturias where you can learn Spanish. These language schools organize their standard programs in the summer. You have 20 hours of class every week in small groups. A day consist mostly out of class in the morning and cultural activities or free time in the afternoon. In general this costs a bit more than 200 euro/week for 20 hours.

During the year it’s only possible to take private classes, which are more expensive and cost about 15-20 euro per hour. There are plenty of options in Gijón, like Lawton School,  Mundidiomas and SYG Educación. In Oviedo you got Alce and CBCE. Even on very remote places can you find opportunities to learn Spanish. In the Somiedo natural park for example, there is El Cuélebre. Here you can really live like a local and learn the language at the same time. But, it’s rather expensive.

If you’re looking for private lessons, it’s often cheaper to contact Spanish teachers inmediately. This is possible via facebook or some platforms. In general this costs about 10 euro/hour.

Other ways of learning

It’s also possible to learn Spanish in an informal way. For example via the so-called intercambios, or language exchange. People want to help you improve your Spanish if you are willing to teach them some English. There exist some websites to get in touch with the right people. Here is an example of them.

Further some bars do organize events themselves. In Gijón, you could go to the weekly language exchange in Norteña, or the language sharing in La Revoltosa. And there’s also the Petit Comité Bar de Vinos in Oviedo, which organises a language night on Tuesday, or the conversation groups in Bar Lord Byron in Avilés.

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