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Prestoso Fest is not just a normal festival. The keywords to describe this festival are friends, nature, music and love to explore the beauty of Asturias. It takes place every year in August. This year is going to be from 8/09 to 11/09. Get ready for it!

We interviewed Jose Luis Rodríguez-Mera, one of the organizers, to find out more about this alternative festival and about the lovely nature frame.

What is Prestoso Fest?

We could say that is a music festival, but it’s much more than that. Prestoso Fest has the best of a music festival without the discomfort: there aren’t overlaps of groups, no big queues, no extreme prices. We have managed to create a “prestosa’s community” that is what gives life to the festival all years around. It’s very gratifying to see that affection by artist who pass through the festival and the public, which repeats year after year and is responsible for spreading what is the Prestoso Fest among friends.

What is the purpose of the festival?

It’s not easy to organize a festival. We must add that it is a festival in the mountains, in an aerea that doesn’t stand out for good communications. Bring infrastructures, logistics, and accommodation aren’t easy works. Regardless of the result, for us be able to announce that next year there will be another Prestoso Fest is already a success. In a global level, the objective is twofold: on the one hand, to offer a product different from other festivals which the poster is heterodox and leaves the” main artist” to other festivals, something that we respect but we don’t share. As well we want to value and promote the southwest of Asturias: Cangas del Narcea, Degana and the Natural Park of Fuentes del Narcea, an aerea often forgotten and that has much more to show.

Who is behind the festival?

A group of five friends. The members of the organization have been changing over the years, but always with a common denominator: love for the music and a special relation with the southwest area of Asturias. The Prestoso Fest is a kind of “caprice” in which we invest many hours of work with the aim of seeing groups and attendees with a smile on their faces.

Nature is an important part of the festival. Where does this passion come from?

It’s very easy: just look up and check what is around you. We live in an authentic paradise and what we want is for people to know and enjoy it as we do. We always say that the real headliner of the Prestoso Fest is the landscape. That is something that no other festivals can have, it’s “exclusive”. There is the most absolute respect for their care and maintenance, something that the attendees have understood from the first day, being the first to respect the space where the festival is held.

Where did the idea of this festival begin?

Like almost all ideas, everything started in a bar, over the night and with some beers. One thing leads to the other until we see ourselves in full countdown to celebrate the 4th edition.

How do nature, gastronomy and music mix all together?

We have three full days where you can enjoy Cangas del Narcea and the music doesn’t occupy 100% of the time. We have many hours available to recommend and offer to people who know and enjoy the region: natura walls, visit to the Natural reserve of muniellos, visits to wine cellars of the DOP Vino de Cangas, free time in Cangas del Narcea to know the town and enjoy the gastronomy. We want the Prestoso Fest to be a complete experience, an immersion in the best of this area. 

Prestoso Fest celebrates 4 years this year. How has this festival changed over the years?

A lot. We believe that for the better. We can affirm that the Prestoso Fest is already a consolidated brand; You can find T-shirt and caps in other festival or places in Spain. Every year we take a step forward in the preparation of the poster, infrastructures, complementary activities etc. We have become a festival in which media such as El Pais, Radio 3, T Magazine of the New York Times, Metropolis of El Mundo are set on.

You can find out more about this beautiful venue and this festival watching the Prestoso Fest 2018 Aftermovie here. You can check as well the full line up of 2019 under the video.


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