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In the northernwestern corner of Spain, you will find one of the top surfing hotspots in Europe. The region of Asturias, located on the Green coast, reminds a paradise surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches with world class waves. It has an extensive coastline (around 354 km) and surf tourism has been increasing year on year.

Surfing culture arrived to Asturias back in 1968 when two young Australian brothers, Peter and Robert Gulley, spent some time at Tapia de Casariego. They were travelling in a van with their surfboards along the northern coastline of Spain. At that time, locals were amazed with this energetic and risky sport and soon they wanted to learn how to master the waves.  Since then, the local passion for surf has been evolving fast and today, we can say, it has become a way of life.

There are over 20 different surf school in the Asturias region where you can sign up for a full course or simply hire a board. Also the region holds two of the greatest surf championships in Europe, both with participants from all over the world: Salinas Surf Music and Friends and Memorial Peter Gulley, in Tapia de Casariego.

The best places to surf are to the west side of Asturias where the mountains fade away and the breezes are reduced. You can find many surf spots and beautiful natural beaches that is worth knowing and which are certainly a gift for the senses. Playa España, Estaño, Rodiles, Xagó are only few of them.

The great amplitude of the Atlantic Ocean tides brings to the Cantabric sea rideable waves almost every day of the year, so any time can be a good opportunity to take your board and enjoy a day on the water.



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