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A great observatory over Gijón: La mirador de la providencia.

Experience Gijón’s natural diversity from the viewpoint in La Providencia

Scenic outposts are always a great destination to get an overview of the city and to enjoy the beautfiul landscape. Of course, Asturias offers quite a few of them. Probably the one with the best view of Gijón is located in La Providencia.

Beyond the Playa de Peñarrubia placed on a small hill in the middle of Parque del Cabo San Lorenzo, you can find a curious spearhead-like concrete construction facing the sea. If you go up its stairs, you will find yourself overlooking a beautiful landscape. The Cantabrian Mountains, the rural and urban area of Gijón, the Atlantic Ocean –  you will have a unique view of all of these Asturian characteristics at once.

Unique view from the viewpoint La Providencia in Gijón.

How to get to the viewpoint La Providencia in Gijón

There are multiple ways to get to the viewpoint. The easiest one would be by car, there are plenty parking spots at the Parque del Cabo San Lorenzo and it’s about a 15 minute drive from the center of Gijón.

However, you don’t necessarily need a car to get there! If you want to take the bus, you should be on the look-out for bus stops of the lines 14 or 25 going to L’Infanzón and get off at the station La Providencia. From here, it is only a 500 meters walk to get to the park.

Of course, you can also walk all the way from Gijón’s city center to the viewpoint La Providencia by foot – just be aware that you have to walk up an elevated hill, of course. The City Council has created a paved road that leads along the entire coast which is very scenic but a little rough. You could also take the same way that the busses and cars drive. It is around 5.5 kilometers long and takes approximately a good hour. Click on the map below in order to get the exact directions straight on your phone.

Our recommondation would be to take the bus from the city upwards to the viewpoint in order to save some energy and to be able to choose the best weather conditions for your outlook. The return trip on foot is worth a thought, since it is not as exhausting leading downhill the entire time and it will reveal more beautiful views over Gijón to you, like this for example:

The return way from La Providencia to Gijón city center reveals more stunning views.

What else to do in La Providencia

If you want to stay in a remote place surrounded by nature and outside of the populous city, the area of La Providencia would be a good choice for your time in Gijón. There are only a few hotels or guest houses and some traditional restaurants, but really enough to enjoy the Spanish culture. You can also put up your tents on the available campsites or drive there with mobile homes. The region offers more beautys of nature such as Isla Tortuga or Playa de Serín which are worth a visit.


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