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Making friends is part of the job description when you move abroad. As a new arrival in Asturias your social network is probably quite limited, but there are lots of opportunities to meet new people. With a bit of effort, persistence, and luck, you’ll be well on your way to creating a social circle in your new home. Here you will find some tips:


Expats in Asturias‘ and ‘Expats Asturias are active Facebook groups for expats in Asturias who want to meet new people. Sometimes people organise get-togethers and days out. If you are going to be a teacher in Asturias, you also might be interested in having a look at English Teachers Gijón‘.


For those especially looking to progress on their Spanish-speaking skills, thankfully there is a wide selection of organized language exchanges, also known as intercambios, which take place regularly every week, usually located in open bars and pubs all sides of the city. These free-to-the-public events succeed in attracting young locals eager to practice their English, which make them great way to not only improve your Spanish but also make some new friends with a different mother tongue than your own.


Don’t feel weird doin’ it. It’s a great resource! Anywhere around the world, attend events with like minded locals who share the same interests as you. On it you can find established groups for all interests: language exchanges, yoga lessons, web developement, cooking, enterpreneurship…


Couchsurfing is currently a global community of 10 million people in more than 200,000 cities who share their life, their world and their journey. According to the site, it is “a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit”.  As you’ve probably noticed, couchsurfing isn’t just a way to find a free place to stay. You can also use it to meet people without having to sleep on anyone’s couch. When you search for a city on the site, you’ll land on a page that features events and groups alongside the couch search. From there, you can find popular events to attend, including concerts, drinks, and general Couchsurfing meetups.


If you’ve moved to a country where your native tongue isn’ spoken, invest in a semester of language classes or some private lessons to both improve your communication skills and meet new people who are in the same boat as you are!


What’s better than joining a running group, yoga class, dance workout, or even a bowling league to make friends? You’ll get close to people pretty quickly if there’s something you can attend each week. Soon enough, you’ll be meeting up for juices and movies outside of your initial group with people you’ve really connected with.

Do you have a secret to meeting people in Asturias? Did you struggle to adapt to the expat lifestyle? Are you struggling to adapt to the expat lifestyle? Let’s hear about it!


  • IWC Asturias 9th April 2019

    The IWC Asturias aims to be a ‘home from home’ in Asturias for everyone with an international experience to share. Whether you are a new expat arriving in Asturias or a Spaniard that has returned after a period abroad, we invite you to come along to one of our club meetings and meet people, share experiences and make friends.

    We believe there is a need for information and support for international families living in our region. The primary purpose of the club is to bring together women of all nationalities living in Asturias, to promote friendship, share mutual interests, and extend support and information to newcomers.

  • Judith Aldama Ortiz (Judit) 4th October 2019

    I have come across your website and I am very happy to see it! Although I was born in Spain, I moved when I was one, so I am really Canadian.

    Recently, my mom fell ill and is currently in chemo treatments. Now, I am in Zamora (CYL) with my 13 year old who doesn’t speak the language and is attending online schooling until we find her the right school to help her with her studies.

    We are moving to Oviedo (or maybe Gijon) and planning this move between October 15 or November 1, depending on apartment hunting. We are actually going to be in Oviedo this Monday-Wednesday and would like to take my daughter to Gijon for an afternoon to enjoy the beaches and the city.

    I am a designer/illustrator and looking for work either in creative agencies/communication agencies/jobs that require bilingual skills or tourism/hotels. At this moment I am open to many opportunities as I cannot be too choosy. 😉

    Thank you for the post about how to make friends and the Facebook groups you suggested. We are going to need it! It’s a big, bold move and all by ourselves….as my partner resides in Canada.

    If I can make it all work within the next 6 months, the plan is to bring my partner down and start a new life. I want to remained closer to my mom as life can be unexpected and her illness has been a reminder to be bold, always look forward and take opportunities and live with vigor and positivity!

    I hope Asturias will welcome us!

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