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transport asturias from the airport

Whether you’re a tourist or an expatriate, this article might be useful for you. Asturias can be searched out by a variety of means of transport (plane, car, bus, train…). We hope that this guide makes your life easier and helps you to explore the variety of landscapes that make Asturias unique.


Most expats moving to Asturias will probably arrive by plane, at the international airport of Asturias. The airport, also known as Oviedo airport, is located in Castrillón, about 47 km of Oviedo, 40 km of Gijón and 16 km of Avilés. Once you have arrived at the airport, it is easy to get to any of the main towns. You can leave the airport using the public transport or even by taxi. The express bus service ALSA runs about every hour. For a fare of 4€, it will take you to Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo.

There are direct flights from Asturias to UK, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy….  as well as to several cities across Spain.

Alternatively, you can fly to the airport of Santander, as it is not far away from Asturias. There is a bus (ALSA) from the Airport of Santander to Gijón with daily departures (15€ and 4 hours).


Alsa is the main bus service provider for both regional and national services. To learn more about routes, timetables and prices you can visit the website of the provider, which is listed below.

On the other hand, the main cities of Asturias have a large bus network that allows travellers and citizens to explore the whole town for a cheap prize.

  • Gijón: Emtusa – One single ticket: 1,25€
  • Oviedo: Tua – One single ticket: 1,20€
  • Avilés: Ctea – One single ticket: 1,50€


The train remains one of the most convenient and quickest ways to travel throughout Asturias and Spain, in general. Travel rates are quite affordable on short distances, however on long distances they tend to be much more expensive than buses.


Taxi companies in Asturias are fairly trustworthy. Generally, they provide a fast, efficient, reliable and safe taxi service. However, taxis are more expensive than the bus. There are plenty of taxi companies in the region. These are just some of them:


Carpooling and carsharing are very popular practises in Spain. Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in cars, reducing costs, fuel, tolls and the stress of driving. The most famous app to do carpooling is Blablacar. The company currently has 10 million users in the 14 markets it operates in, and it claims that Spain is its third biggest, following France and Germany.

Renting a car

You can rent a car or a scooter, if you have a valid driver’s license, but you must be more than 20 years old to be allowed to rent a car in Spain. You must know that the speed limit is fixed at 120 km/h on motorways and at 100 km/h on four lane roads. Moreover, the use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited (including hands-free kits).

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