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Regulations and rental of electric scooters in Asturias

Regulations and rental of electric scooters in Asturias

Due to the pandemic, humanity and the reality that we knew has been forced to change. Mobility, for example, has been one of the elements that has changed the most in recent months.

During the quarantine, displacements were reduced to practically zero. After it, normality in the field of travel and movement has not recovered either, as many people continue to try to avoid contagion. Probably for this reason, electric scooters have increased their sales considerably. The cost of the vehicle is not excessively high, its pollution levels are very low and recharging it is very cheap. On the web you can find the best electricity rates.

These types of vehicles are also available in rental form. This option is very comfortable for users, who can use them to transport themselves to other places at any time.

Electric scooter rental in Asturias

Do you wonder how the rental of electric scooters works in Asturias?

Currently there are several companies that allow you to rent electric scooters in Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés. You just have to install their applications on your phone to find the closest scooter. You can unlock it with a QR code. When you finish using it, you can park it on the street, at one of the points allowed by the application.

These are the applications:

· Reby
· HiMobility

They will charge you based on the time you use the patent.

Apart from scooters, you have electric cars where you can also see if it is worth or not to switch to electric vehicles.

Advantages of using an electric scooter

Having an electric scooter can bring multiple advantages to any citizen who decides to get one. Their autonomies can exceed one hundred kilometers and they are very comfortable to move around, whether for work, leisure or even disconnection.
Electric scooters are being used a lot lately, since within a city they can be more comfortable to handle than, for example, a bicycle. They also take up less space, are cheaper (especially rentals that can be done completely online and autonomously, without going to any professional) and they also have considerable speed that does not cease to fall within the security parameters.

Another advantage of having an electric scooter, or at least being able to access one to move around, is that they are not only for one person, but depending on the size and its features, they can go up to two. It is perhaps something more uncomfortable than going unaccompanied, but it can also solve many problems and it can even be a very fun activity if you want to take a walk with your partner, with friends or even with the family.

The coronavirus crisis has also caused many people to be afraid of using public transport such as the subway or the bus, which tend to congregate large numbers of people, especially at peak times.

In times when changes are continually present, it is important to know how to adapt to circumstances and start taking measures to be able to continue with the routine as normally as possible. Often times, the changes also bring with them elements that can considerably improve the lives of citizens, as has been the case with electric scooters, which have become the preferred means of urban transport for many people.

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