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In the last years vintage fashion has returned to invade the streets of our cities, bringing an air of melancholy from years gone by. To fully understand the “Vintage” phenomenon, we must start from the etymology of the word that derives from the French “vendenge” that means “vintage wine”. In fact, like vintage wines, the most unusual clothes acquire a certain “taste” over time.

It’s the meeting of two eras: the past that comes back to life in the present.

The power of vintage is also due to its exclusivity; buying unique and unrepeatable items from the past and combining them with current items to create a contemporary style that looks back in time but always with a touch of exclusivity.

A garment to become vintage must have at least twenty years, must be a well-made garment and must have a story to tell. Vintage is a testimony of a style of a bygone era that has marked the traits of fashion, costume and design to this day.

Vintage and Asturias have had a complicated start. The Asturian people are known for being always “on point”: constantly well-dressed but with a traditional style, without ever daring that much. Thanks to the opening of several vintage shops, especially in Gijon, the “retro” air begins to be perceived in the streets of the center. Walking by the street you can cross boys with Hawaii’s shirts and girls with Levis’s shorts, that immediately brings us back to breathe the Californian breeze of the 80s.




Calle Libertad 14, 33206 Gijon

Natalia e Miguel brought the first Vintage Kilo shop in Asturias. A Kilo shop is a shop where you can buy clothing based on their weight. The style that you can feel in the shop is unique; the shop is full of curios and gorgeous pieces that will drive you crazy!

N: “In the fashion industry everything is going to come back! But there are some “must-have” pieces like Dr Martens or converse that will never go out of fashion”.



Calle La Merced 3, 33201 Gijon

Yann e Alicia are the owners of the vintage boutique La Merced 3. Yann worked before in the vintage’s world in Barcelona and Alicia worked in the fashion industry. Ten years ago, they moved to Gijon where they decided to open their boutique. The particular of this shop is that every piece that you can find was researched with a lot of passion. In this shop you can find clothing and bags of the Haute Couture with a sustainable price: from Chanel to Hermes are waiting for you for give them a new life in your outfit.



Calle Alvarez Garaya 7, 33206 Gijon

Lili, the owner of the shop, is a pure vintage woman. Madrid, where she lived for 10 years, brought to her the love of the vintage fashion. Moving to Gijon she saw that a young vintage soul was missing in the city, and she decided to open Flamingos Vintage Kilo, the first shop of the famous American franchising in Asturias. If you are searching the last fashion trends but with a touch of retro this is the right shop for you!



Calle de la Merced 20, 33201 Gijon

From the vintage markets to a vintage shop. In their shop they mix European fashion with American fashion. “The name Concorde derives from the airplane that connect Paris and New York in the 70s”. This shop is specialized in streetwear, with a good choice of the main street brand: Adidas, Levis, Fila etc. If you are a streetwear addicted, you know where they are now!


Do you know more vintage shops in Gijon or Asturias? Let us know 🙂

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