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The public natural gas network does not reach some of the rural areas of Asturias. Therefore, to meet your energy needs for heating and domestic hot water, you should look for alternative options. In this article we want to talk to you about propane gas and butane gas.

Propane gas and butane gas have similar characteristics, but in reality, they are different products. The two gases are a mixture of hydrocarbons and come from the refining of oil. These hydrocarbons are compressed until they are totally liquid. For this reason, they are called GLP

(Liquefied Petroleum Gases). Propane and butane have a similar calorific value and their market price is calculated in kilos of supply.

La distribuidora Repsol belongs to the most powerful in the sale of these types of gas in Spain. Cepsa is also part of this highly competitive market. The two sell bottles of both gases, of different weights according to the customer’s wishes.

Price of butane and propane gas in Spain

In the case of propane gas, the price in varies depending on the supply format:

· Packaged propane gas: 11 kg bottles, subject to a regulated market, governed by the Government, have a price of € 1.85 / kg. On the other hand, the 35 kg cylinders, regulated in the free market (by the distributors) are at € 1.4 / kg

· Channeled propane gas: channeled by numerous individuals from a tank, the cost is € 1.077157 / kg plus a fixed rate of € 1.75 / month.

Bulk propane gas: it is between 1.25 – 3 € / kg

For its part, butane gas tends to have somewhat cheaper prices. The 11-kilo propane cylinder costs precisely 12 euros, the 12.5-kilo butane cylinder is marketed at 13.17 euros.

Advantages of propane gas and butane

If your consumption is not very high, it is advisable to get butane gas cylinders, since their consumption is not very high. Of course, if you live in areas with temperatures below 0º, it is not the appropriate fuel, since it will freeze.

As it is sold only bottled, the only way to have it is for someone to take it to your home or go to a gas station to buy it.

On the contrary, propane gas perfectly withstands cold climates, exceeding temperatures even of -44º. Its performance and energy efficiency is remarkable. One of its advantages is that you can choose the distribution format that is most convenient for you: bottled, channeled or on deposit. It is also a cleaner and more sustainable energy.

What is your experience with energy supply in rural areas of Asturias? Leave us a comment!

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