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The coastline of Asturias is very impressive. At times you find sights which leave you stunned. For example, the Bufones de Pría. There are also dozens of beaches, where people enjoy the sun (when it shines). Some of them are flooded by tourists, others are rather remote. Every playa has its own story.

But some are so special that we thought, we had to share it. Therefore, these five beaches that are quite unique.

1. Playa de Torimbia

One of the most hidden beaches of Asturias, and absolutely beautiful. Far away from urban civilisation. And next to the Cape Prieto.

Standing up the hill, you can witness the shining golden beach that’s encapsulated in an impressive bay. From that top, it’s a walk over a long path along the hill.

On a small distance from the beach, you find the pretty town Niembro. Since 1960, the beach is known as a nudist destination.

2. Playa de Cadavedo

View over Playa de CadavedoWhat Asturias’ most special beaches have in common: you must know of their existence to find them. Because they are often so remote, it’s unlikely you will just accidently end up on one of them.

Way towards Playa de CadavedoThis is also the case for the Playa de Cadavedo, one of the many shingle beaches in the region. The village Cadavedo (or Cadavieu) is a charming small town, which in 1954 won the title of “most beautiful” village in Asturias. Having such a beautiful beach is of course helpful.

From the “center” on, a 2 km long curvy road takes you through a forest and ends suddenly on a paved square where you can leave your car. The beach is spread out, but short in length. Especially when the tide is high, the area where you can sit, is limited.

The bay used to be a mooring place for whalers. Right now, it is a spot for relaxation. Barely any house can be found in the proximity, and thus you feel far away from society. From the forest, a small stream narrows past an abandoned mill and ends in the sea.

The attention from tourists is very variable. When the weather is harsh, you might be almost on your own. With only the company of some fishermen, sitting on the beach. An oasis of calmness, where the rustling of the wind is the only noise you hear.

But when the sun is shining bright, hordes of tourist arrive and you hardly find a spot.

3. Playa de Gulpiyuri


Picture of Playa de Gulpiyuri

Once, Llanes’ greatest secret. Today, one of the most hyped natural monuments. Although public attention is always great,  the place is a must visit for every tourist.

In between the dunes, a tiny beach emerges suddenly. Although the open sea can’t be seen, waves arrive on the sand and the tides are active.

Other view Playa de GulpiyuriThe Playa de Gulpiyuri is a sinkhole. For ages, the sea has eroded a pathway through the cliffs, wherefore a real beach developed on 100 m of the actual sea.

In 2001, the place was declared a national monument.

4. Playa España

Sunny playa EspañaUnlike the other beaches, a cheerful atmosphere hangs around Playa España. Surfers arrive in their vans and sunbathers spread their towels. There’s not much space on the beach, too many large rocks are covering the surface, but Playa de España still attracts many youngsters that come to relax . Prepare your swimsuit or choose the best Bikinis brasileños 2020… ¡and get ready to enjoy the good vibes or Playa España!

The area around the beach also makes a visit worth the trip. After a fresh dive, you can enjoy a drink at the terrace of Ipanema. And if you want to stay longer, you can consider the camping around the corner.

Playa sea Ipanema

5. Playa del Silencio

Nature around Playa de SilencioNot an average beach, some might not even consider it a beach as it’s not the most comfortable place to go sunbathing. And “Silencio” is also debatable. You are overwhelmed by waves that crash and pull the rocks into the sea.

Look on top Playa SilencioBut my personal favorite. Probably the beach with the most impressive surroundings. High rock formations are all over the sea. You can look to the horizon forever, staring at these magical shapes.

High rock Playa de SilencioIt takes some effort to reach the beach, it’s only accesible via the stairs. But totally worth the effort.

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