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Vecinos de Candas en Perlora

Cottages, churches, employee housing, a BBQ area with a playground, tennis courts, minigolf courses, 3 beaches, a football field – all abandoned and connected!

Perlora Holiday Village, was born in the fifties, when Franco’s dictatorship was at its height, as a holiday complex for workers from all over the country. The single workers union was behind this. The holiday village, located in Carreño (Asturias), was created as a high-quality tourist complex offering a wide range of services.

The vacationers were workers and for a small price they could spend the best holidays of their life. The basic idea was to allow employees of various companies who could not afford a summer vacation, to enjoy them thanks to the help of their companies. Perlora arises from the need to encourage the worker through the “access and enjoyment of all the goods of culture, joy, health and sport”, but also intended to maintain social peace.

Abandoned vacation city in Asturias

During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Perlora was a booming seaside resort. The city had 270 cottages that were able to accommodate 1500 people and had more than 200 workers. However, the arrival of the 90’s meant a decrease in the influx of public and a progressive abandonment of the facilities that culminated in the decision of the government of the Principality of Asturias (its last public holder) to privatize the management, a process currently underway. Finally the city was closed in 2006.

Now the only visitors to the ‘ghost town’ are the locals who come to enjoy the stunning beaches and the recreation areas and the ocassional urban explorer keen to re-visit the sense of forgotten holidays. Definitely, it is worth a visit!

It is possible to access by train  (Gijón-Cudillero Line) or by the AS-239 road.

Perlora Beach, in Carreño, Asturias

Abandoned holiday camp in Asturias, Spain

Perlora BBQs, Asturias

Perlora cottage in Asturias

Perlora tennis field, Asturias

Perlora cottage in Asturias

  • Christine Fernandez 18th April 2018

    I love visiting this abandoned village,it reminds me of the English movies of the 1960’s! Its a bit creepy though.

    • Lucía 3rd May 2018

      We’re glad you enjoyed it Christine! It’s definitely a special place!

  • ana 28th July 2018

    Please, tell me more, I am intrigued.

    Who owns the place now?
    why don’t they rent out the houses, or do they?
    there are still plenty of people who cannot afford holidays (like me) and who would live perfectly happily even without running water (if there is a well) or electricity, or other modern comforts ( a stove for winter) if the place provides peaceful settings, or even better, solidarity existence.

    any more places like that you know of in Asturias…?

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