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The Tsunami Festival has just finished, but we still have the adrenaline for surfing the tidal wave at rock rhythm. Laboral University has been invaded by more than 25,000 people announcing another sold out for the third edition of the hottest rock festival in Spain. As the bigger Metal brother Resurrection Fest, this rock festival brings the best of rock in Asturias in a punky way. The whole city of Gijon has been invaded by people from all over Europe just to enjoy the music offered by this rock festival.

On a sunny day, it’s all started at the Cimadevilla skate park, where a new edition of the Tsunami Festival was inaugurated. Sunglasses, cider and fun were the recipe that every person had brought with them to enjoy the Amplify and Adrenalized live accompanied by the spectacular tricks of the BMX champion Sergio Layos. Heading towards Laboral we begin to notice Californian sweaters, crests and gaudy dresses in the street … It almost seems to breathe a Californian air.

The Laboral walls are emptied of the stress of student exams to make room for the adrenaline brought by the various groups. Entering in the large open space, where the main stage is located, we are immediately catapulted into a new party. Children, teenagers, adults and even grandparents dance to the punk rock of Carolina Durante. Drinking a pint of beer, we head off to discover the second stage. It rises within the University’s basketball courts, recreating a setting like a small amphitheatre. The atmosphere is friendly and genuine. It feel like everyone know each other from a long time.

It’s 9.30pm and Laboral is fuller than ever. Waves of avid fans exchange between the various stages to listen to their favourite bands. The Tsunami Xixón is not only a place to listen to music, but it is also a place to spend a day of leisure with friends or family, enjoying the multiple food options that are installed in the clubs available to fans. Jump, dance and mosh pit make this rock festival even more exciting. Between a song and a sandwich, time flies and the groups continue to inflame Laboral, now completely saturated with rockers. The Californian scream of the Offspring has made the last moments of the first day vibrate: “And all the girls say I am pretty fly for a white guy”.

The second day rises with even more energy than the first, starting in the city centre, in the Plaza de Ayutamiento, managing not to let the previous day full of emotions weigh. Laboral, hotter than ever, is ready to go wild with the new salads of bands that will dress the day. Between the M.O.D.A., Kaiser Chiefs and NOFX the public can’t stop moving. Energy, fun and happiness. This is what is perceived in the middle of the dancing crowd that on the second day is even more thirsty for rock’s juice. There was also time for a nostalgic moment when the Berri Txarrak took to the stage for the last date in Asturias of their goodbye tour.

A festival that in the end turned out to be adrenaline and powerful where there was dancing, singing but there was also time for political-social criticism with a touch of healthy humour. The Tsunami Festival is confirmed on the European scene as a rock festival that has nothing to envy to the older brothers. The most striking thing is that for another consecutive year the real protagonist of the festival is the public, able to unite and create an atmosphere without comparisons.

A positive and rocky wave that makes, even an Italian like me, feel at home.

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