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Lately, everyone talks about natural alimentation and in particular, about vegan alimentation. Most of Asturian’s typical dishes are made with meat or fish. So, for a vegan it’s quite difficult to find a suitable restaurant in Asturias. Anyway, this situation is starting to change. In the last period a lot of restaurants with vegetarian and vegan variations have opened in Asturias. Some of them even have 100% vegan menus. You will find a list of them at the end of this article.

A vegan diet is that type of alimentation that exclusively involves the consumption of foods of vegetable origin, cutting off any type of animal product and even its deriving such as milk and cheese. At the base of a vegan diet, there is a strong respect for all living forms of life, so in addition to be a food choice, becoming vegan is, above all, an ethical choice and a way of life.


We had the pleasure to get in touch for a few words with the famous Asturian vegan blogger Aida Lídice Lueje, best known for her blog BEGIN VEGAN BEGUN. She has introduced us the vegan scenary in Asturias.

  • Why and when did you become vegan?

I decided to stop contributing to the exploitation of animals, feeling empathy and claiming justice and respect for all animals. Then, I realized that vegan life is the best option even if we want to help save our planet. It can also be a healthier choice, for all stages of life, recognized as suitable by different nutrition institutions. In fact, I have been 9 years with this lifestyle, and I cannot be happier having made this decision.

  • Is the life of a vegan in Asturias easy?

As for free time and clothing there is no problem. But it’s true that, regarding food, living in Asturias doesn’t put things as easy as Madrid or Barcelona, where this option is much more standardized, and the tradition of meat and fish is not as rooted as in this case. However, I have experienced a lot of changes in these 9 years and now, there are more local restaurants with vegan options.

  • How many chances are there for eating vegan in Asturias?

As I said, there are more and more vegan places or options in Asturias. Recently, two 100% vegan restaurants have opened in Gijon and there is also an incredible bakery with vegan options in Oviedo. In Oviedo we can also find several restaurants that offer traditional Asturian dishes, but cooked in a vegan way. Many other traditional local restaurants are encouraged to answer this social question.

  • Do you have tips for vegans in Asturias?

Asking for vegan options in any restaurant to come. It may surprise you the choices you can find, even if you don’t have yet specific options. It is also helpful to know that everytime, more and more restaurants of all types are working with 100% vegetable dishes.


Vegan Restaurants in Asturias

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just searching for plant-based dining options, it’s nice to have some recommendations. Check this list!

Puzzle: Calle Gustavo a Bécquer, 2, 33208 Gijón, Asturias

Mostaza Y media: Calle Ezcurdia, 68, 33202 Gijón, Asturias

Las Calacas: Calle de Maria Bandujo 5, 33201, Gijon, Spain

La Galla Tasca Vegana: C/Numa Guilhou 20 B Iz, 33206 Gijón, Asturias

La Teya: Oscar Olavarria Street 10 | Bajo B , 33201, Gijón

CatLove: Calle de la Merced, 42, 33204 Gijón

La lata de Zinc: Calle Julián Cañedo, 4 L, 33008 Oviedo, Asturias

Manglar: Calle Martínez Vigil, 14, 33010 Oviedo

Casa Chema: Caserio Arquera 184, 33140, Oviedo, Spain

Casa lobato: Avenida de los Monumentos 65, 33194, Oviedo, Spain

Plan “A”: Calle de Manuel Pedregal 19, 33001, Oviedo, Spain

Picakechinga: Calle Galiana, 12, 33401 Avilés, Asturias

If you know any other vegan restaurant in Asturias or have any recommendation, please, leave us a comment!

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